Bright Light
Don’t feed her after midnight and definitely don’t get her wet – unless you dare. Watch Visha Loo as she transforms from a sweet and cute Mogwai into a devious Gremlin spawn. Visha Loo takes the stage as a destructive little monster with a twist of evil and a dash of cuteness. But even cute little gremlins can cause a bloody mess – especially when she eats after midnight and gets wet!
When you want her, all you have to do is dream, dream, dream. Visha Loo slashes her way into your mind turning your nightmares into wet dreams – and blood is the liquid of choice. Armed with Freddy Krueger’s trademark stripes, Visha Loo contorts her body into one nightmare you won’t want to wake up from.
Want To Be Loved
She just wants to be loved but when you’re a bloody clown contorting your body amongst a dead girl full of blood, it ain’t easy. Pennywise may start out creepy and sexy but she finishes off with cute and adorable – a true blend of twisted contortion and clownery that will leave you thirsting for more. Not all killer clowns are creepy – some of them are super cute too but that doesn’t mean you won’t have nightmares for nights to come.
Wanna Play?!
Visha Loo is ready to play but this is no child’s play. Not all dolls wanna be played with – some of them just want to play with you – and we don’t mean children’s games. “Hi I’m Chucky – wanna play” has never sounded more sinfully sinister. Watch the horror classic come to life in ways you never imagined.
When the horror Scream Queen Linnea Quigley calls Visha Loo an “amazing bundle of energy and surprise that you have to see it for yourself" - you better listen. Visha Loo’s most infamous Regan act is infamous for a reason as the bendy fetish contortionist walks backwards down the stairs creepier then Regan herself. Even if you’ve seen the Regan show before, there’s a new twist every time and you never know what kind of creepy you’re going to get.
Blood? Check. Dead bodies? Check. Necrophilia? Check. More blood? Check. The only thing Visha Loo can twist more than her macabre mind is her fantastically bendy body. The frequently death-obsessed House of 1000 Corpses set is a sultry, dark and twisted journey throught the sadistically perverse mind of the necrophiliac that is Visha fuck'n Loo.
Disney Meets Horror
The bloody, bendy weirdo Visha Loo is at it again when Disney meets Horror. The jill-of-all-horrors can be your
lucid dream or your worst nightmare as she transcends from silly to sexy to creepy. She is as adorable as can be. Untill she is fucking the dead, then she is just cute. Visha Loo makes Jessica Rabbit look like child’s play.
She may be a freak but she does it well!

I have lots of other costumes
to choose from too!

Stripe - Gremlins
Mohawk - Gremlins 2
Chucky - Childs Play
Freddy - Nightmare on Elm Street
Regan - The Exorcist
Pennywise - IT
Young Micheal Myers - Halloween
Purple Minion - Despicable Me
Wednesday - The Addams Family
Hannibal - Silence of the Lambs
Jason - Friday the 13th
Leatherface - Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Predator - Predator
Alice - Alice in Wonderland
Halloween Mickey
Cinderella - Cinderella
Aurora - Sleeping Beauty
Snow White - Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs
Slave Leia - Star Wars
Visha Clown