-Lube Lucha Vancouver April.22 (Vancouver)

-Nasty Boys Saloon May.19 (contortion)(Treviso, Italy)
-London Burlesque Festival May.26/27 (contortion)(London)

-Calgary Horror Con June.9-11 (contortion/booth)(Calgary)

-Canadian Juggalo Weekend (Calgary)

-Lube Lucha 3 (Calgary)
-Defrost (contortion)(Calgary)
- The Classy N' ShitSHow (contortion)(Calgary)
-Lube Lucha 4 (Calgary)
Grindhouse (contortion)(Calgary)
-Nerdgasm Colective Comic Con after party (contortion)(Calgary)
-The Monsters Ball (contortion)(Calgary)
|-Calgary Horror Con (contortion/booth)(Calgary)
Lube Lucha 5 goes to Rubberfest (Vancouver)
-Best of Burlesque (contortion) (Scotland)
Lube Lucha 6 goes to Lethbridge (Lethbridge)
Lethbridge Tattoo Convention (contortion)(Lube Lucha) (Lethbridge)
-The NuDen (Headliner)(contortion)(Ottawa)
- Sin City Fetish Halloween (Headliner)(contortion)(Vancouver)
-Dallas Fetish Ball (Headliner)(contortion)(Dallas)
-Lube Lucha 7 (Calgary)
-Binski presents Far Too Loud (contortion)(Calgary)
-NYE at Bespoke (contortion)(Calgary)
-Private Show at Fairmont Palliser (contortion)(Calgary)
-Crimson Events (contortion)(Calgary)
-FEATURE PERFORMER at The Nuden (contortion)(bloody gogo)(Ottawa)
-London Burlesque Festival (contortion)(London)
-Calgary Horror Con VIP Party (contortion)(Calgary)
Burleskabilly II (bloody gogo contortion)(Calgary)
-Vancouver Fetish Weekend (Feature Performer)(contortion)(Vancouver)
-Lube Lucha (lube wresting)(Calgary)
-Space Rippers (filming)(Calgary)
-Lethbridge Windy City Tattoo Weekend (contortion)(Lethbridge)
-CIRCUS of the STRANGELY BEAUTIFUL: Freak Edition (contortion)(Calgary)
-Fetish Factory Halloween Fetish Ball (contortion)(Flordia)
-The Nuden (contortion/bloody gogo)(Ottawa)
-Living Dead Horror Convention (contortion/guest)(Portland)
-Deloitte Masquerade (contortion)(Calgary)
-Mystery Mansion (contortion)(Calgary)

-STIMULATE Valentine's Blood Day Massacre /Skinny Puppy AfterShow party (contortion)(NYC)
-Crimson Events: Crimson (contortion)(Calgary)
-Make Fashion Show and Gala (runway)(Calgary)
-Lube Lucha (lube wrestling)(Calgary)
-Crimson Events: Spring Halloween (contortion)(Calgary)
-Alberta Bound Tattoo & Arts Festivals (contortion)(Edmonton)
-Sin City "Lucky 13" year Anniversary Fetish Ball (contortion)(Vancouver)
- Frist Flip (contortion)(Calgary)
-Calgary Horror Con (contortion)(Calgary) HEADLINER
-Varie-TEASE at the Tron Kirk (contortion)(Edinburgh)
-Best of Burlesque with Chaz Royal & Assembly (contortion)(Edinburgh)
-Crimson Black and White Ball (contortion)(Calgary)
-Private Show (contortion)(Banff)
-Edmonton Expo (Booth)(Edmonton)
-Gnarty (contortion)(live model)(Calgary)
-Laticifer (contortion)(fashion show)(Calgary)
-Alberta Bound Tattoo & Arts Festivals (contortion)(Calgary)
-Steampunk Cabaret (contortion)(RedDeer)
-Private Show (contortion)(Calgary)

-Crimson's Anatomy (Fetish)(Calgary)
-Le Cirque de la Nuit: Kintala (Contortion)(Calgary)
-Jason Gogo art show (Contortion/Lyra)(Calgary)
-DSOH 8 Drown (Contortion/Lyra)(Edmonton)
-DSOH 8 Drown (Contortion/Lyra)(Calgary)
-AMA party (Contortion)(Kananaskis)
-Ford Carnivale Event (Calgary)
-"False Face Society" exhibition (Calgary)
-Adults Only Night at TELUS Spark (Calgary)
-Crimson Events: Trick or Treat (Calgary)
-The General Presents: The Officers Ball (Calgary)
-"Famous" I maybe a freak but I do it well (Controtion)(Deetz fashion show)(Calgary)
-1st Stampede Breakfast : Ten-in-one (Contortion)(Calgary)
-Vancouver Fetish Weekend (Contortion)(Vancouver)
-Calgary Horror Con (Contortion/Booth)(Calgary)
-Karma Up and Get Down (Contortion)(Deetz fashion show)(Calgary)
-Desperado Beer launch (Contortion)(Calgary)
-Crimson Events: Otaku (Fetish)(Calgary)
-Screamfest (Contortion)(Calgary)
-Ayamarca (Contortion)(Deetz fashion show)(Calgary)
-The Calgary Tattoo and Arts Festival (Contortion)(Calgary)
-Chiller Theatre (Booth with Temptress Magazine)(NJ)
-SMack! Annual Halloween Fetish Ball (Contortion)(NYC)
-Perish's "Cirque-perverse" (Contortion)(LA) GUEST PERFORMER
-Slither Video Launch (Dusted Rose Fashion Show)(Calgary)
-Crimson Events: Dresscode (Fetish)(Calgary)
-Belgo (contortion)(Calgary)
-Nightmare before Christmas party (contortion)(Lethbridge)
-Friday the 13th Shots Happen Jagermeister January (contortion)(Calgary)
-Laced up Cabaret (contortion)(Edmonton)
-Mardi Gras at Bookers (contortion)(Calgary)
-Lupercallia (contortion)(Edmonton)
-Crimson Events presents Aetheric (hosting)(Calgary)
-Aids Calgary Mardi Gras (contortion)(Calgary)
-Garden Variety Show (contortion)(Calgary)
-Demonik's Symphony of Horrors 7 (contortion)(Calgary)
-Demonik's Symphony of Horrors 7 (contortion)(Edmonton)
-Crimson Events presents Masca (hosting/contortion)(Calgary)
-Friday the 13th Shots Happen Jagermeister April (contortion)(Calgary)
-Day at the Races (contortion)(Calgary)
-ONE Rhythm of World Dance (contortion)(Calgary)
-Crimson Events presents Bump in the Night (fetish)(Calgary)
-Ric's Lounge and Grill @ Four Points Sheraton (contortion)(Calgary)
-Friday the 13 Jagermeister at Melrose (contortion)(Calgary)
-Shambhala at The Village for ChrisB (contortion)(Nelson)
-Shambhala at The Village with Mousai for ill.gates (contortion)(Nelson)
-Crimson Events "ALL YOUR KINK are belong to us" (fetish)(Calgary)
-CBC radio (interview)(Calgary)
-Calgary Horror Con (Special Guest Performer)(Calgary)
-Calgary Horror Con After Party (Stage show)(Calgary)
-Calgary Tattoo & Arts Festival (contortion)(Calgary)
-Hallowen Ball VIP (contortion)(Calgary)
-Filming for TV show (contortion)(Toronto)
-Screamfest (contortion)(Calgary)
-Crimson Events Blasphemy (contortion)(Calgary)
-Dead Sexy calendar release party (Head liner)(contortion)(Calgary)
-Cancer Society (contortion)(Calgary)
-Sinsation (Edmonton) (contortion) FEATURED PERFORMER
-Leather, Feathers and Fur (Edmonton) (contortion)
-DSOH 6 (Calgary) (contortion)
-Femme Fatale 5 (contortion) SPECIAL GUEST
-The Bank (contortion)
-Fabricated (contortion)
-Chicago Chop House (contortion)
-Ten-In-One (contortion)
-Ten-In-One After Party (fetish)
-Not So Royal Wedding with Virgin Radio (contortion)
-Crimson Events: Strangelings, with Mosh '11 (contortion)
-Sears back to School (contortion)
-Filming for Agophobia (contortion)
-Inhuman (contortion)
-Inhuman after party (fetish)
-Canadas got Talent auditions (Edmonton) (contortion)
-Launch party at Espy's (contortion)
-Man on a Mission (filming for tv) (contortion)
-Canada's got Talent 2nd round (contortion)
-Horror Con (contortion)
-Sears Halloween (contortion)
-Screamfest (contortion)
-MEG Energy Christmas Party (contortion)
-Calgary Fetish Weekend w/ Masuimi Max (contortion)
-Torture Garden Montreal (opening party) (model)
-Torture Garden Montreal (main party)(contortion)
-The Bank NYE (contortion)
-Demonika's Symphony of Horrors 5 (Calgary) (contortion)
-Demonika's Symphony of Horrors 5 (Edmonton) (contortion)
-Jasper Park Lodge New Years (contortion)
-Distillery Third B-Day (contortion)
-Fetchi (fetish performance)
-Wild (contortion)
-The CMG Medieval reception (contortion)
-Hollywood (contortion)
-Fashion Show at The Core (contortion)
-Conventia De Mentia II (contortion)
-Screamfest (contortion)
-All Hallow's Eve (contortion) (on poster)
-Taboo naughty but nice show (contortion) FEATURED PERFORMER
-Freak Show (contortion)
-Calgary Roller Derby (contortion)
-Demonika's Symphony of Horrors 4 (Calgary) (contortion)
-Demonika's Symphony of Horrors 4 (Edmonton) (contortion)
-Gardens Priddis Valley (contortion)
-Femme Fatale 4 (contortion)
-Demonika's Conventia De Mentia (contortion)
-Falling into Madness (contortion)
-End Year Party for the Carriage House Inn (contortion)
-Birthday Party at the Moores (contortion)
-Happily Ever After (contortion/fetish)
-Scream Fest (contortion)
-Freak Show (contortion)
-Demonika's Symphony of Horrors 3 (contortion)
-Garden Party @ Devonian Gardens (contortion)
-Crimson (contortion)(on poster)
-"O" '08 (contortion)(on poster)
-Ed's Really Big Shew! (contortion)(in program)
-Wanderers' Picnic (contortion)
-Holy Fuck Zylpha Nail and Demonika turn 30 (contortion)
-Grave Gala (contortion)
-CEO of the Year Awards (contortion)
-Willow Parks 15th Charity Wine Auction (contortion
2007 and older
-Avada show '02
-ABA '02,'03,04
-Kinky '04 (play piercings)
-Sprung '05 (runway)
-Demonika's Symphony of Horrors '06 (fetish)
-Demonika's XXXMas Spectacular '06 (fetish)
-Fringe Festival '06 (living statue)
-Spirits of the Mist '06 (clown)
-Out Games closing ceremonies '07 (contortion)
-Harry Potter Family Festival '07 (contortion)
-Shell Canada '07 (contortion)
-Wild Ginger '07 (contortion)
-Youth of distension award '07 (contortion)
-When Gods laugh '07 (living statue) (on poster)
-Aprillia lunch '07 (living statue)
-Canada Day at fort calgary '07 (contortion)
-Canada Day at the soccer dome '07 (contortion)
-Demonika's Symphony of Horrors 2 '07 (contortion)
-Hallowed Moon '06-'07 (zombie dancer)