Bathe in the blood of virgins to stay young and youthful, just like me!

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5oz $10
3D Skull 9oz $13
Visha Loo approved! A burst of fresh minty mellowness to help sooth all of your aches and pains while rejuvenating your skin. Have you ever wondered how Visha Loo winds down after a night of contortion? Invite a little bit of Visha Loo into the bath with you and discover everything you could want in a bath bomb; pain relief, minty coolness and all of the things that ensure bath time will never be the same again.

Blood Orange
5oz $10
3D Skull 9oz $13
Transform bath time into an invigorating experience only Visha Loo could have dreamed of. Visha Loo invites you to spontaneously combust with this magical blend of orangey, refreshing goodness to seduce your senses. It’s beginning to look a lot like bath time. Good for your hair, good for your skin and good for your health – Visha Loo is ready to invade your bathtub with her Blood Orange seduction.

5oz $10
3D Skull 9oz $13
After a long day of playing in blood, Visha Loo enjoys relaxing with her lustfully luscious Lavender bath balms. It not only helps with headaches, stress and anxiety, but it also helps you get a good night’s sleep after a hard day. Since it also helps heal cuts and burns, she even uses it on her victims…so if it works for Visha Loo, it’ll work for you, too.


Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, Citric acid, cornstarch, Magnesium sulfate, aqua, Cocos nucifera, Essential oils peppermint or blood orange, Yellow #5, Red #40, Food colouring

CAUTION: Do not eat. Do not use on broken skin. If any reaction occurs discontinues use. Does not stain 99.9% guaranteed


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4oz $10
8.5 oz $20

CAUTION: For use by industry professionals. Do not ingest. Avoid eye contact. Do not add soap, water, or any other preservatives to this mix as it will then not be suitable as mouth blood.

Clean-up: Use warm, clean water; do not use baby wipes.
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Ingredients: Invert sugars, propylene glycol, red dye #40, yellow dye #5, blue colouring, flavouring.

Bleeding Art Industries Inc., Calgary, AB T2C 1V5
Made in Canada

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